Tommy de Vera


Tommy De Vera came back to pigeonsport in 1986 after he met his childhood friend Ben Tan Lee who was then acting as a director for RPAP (Racing Pigeon Association of the Philippines). Tommy's friend took time off from pigeonsport. He released 4 of his best pairs to Tommy on condition that he will discard all of his existing birds disregarding of his attachment to them. Tommy honored their agreement, which he did not regret when on the same year, he won the Novice overall pool of RPAP for young birds. Jaime Lim (past PHA president and present board member) offered Tommy a position as a director for FPA (Fancy Pigeon Association). His stint as FPA's director was cut short when he lost interest to fancy pigeons. He then founded a new club in 1987 called PSP (Pigeon Sportsmen of the Philippines). This club is recently revived as PSA (Pigeon Sports Association). He served as RPAP director for 10 years and now on his 6th year as PHA director and club secretary.

Tommy flew the lines of Emiel Deweerdt, Joseph van den Broucke and Andre Dereere from 1986 to 1993. Percy Brown line based on Noel/Serge Decroix and Vicente Ngo offered good crosses to his existing family of racers. Tommy learned early that one couldn’t totally succeed by racing other fanciers' birds but to develop his own line of racers by selective inbreeding of the performers and winners within its family.

On his racing Achievements, Tommy's most memorable winning was the bird who clocked from "Surigao"(RPAP-931588) in 1994, RPAP @ 720kms. Other winnings were those he won 4 times at PHA in San Francisco, Leyte races @ 670-kms (1996 to 1999 consecutively). There were only about 20 birds clocked from San Francisco YB and OB together and Tommy is fortunate to have 4 birds from them, one bird even did it twice "Double Frisco" PHA-96-61504. Fellow fanciers joked that to have clocked from San Francisco must be one great fulfillment. But when a fancier clocked twice with the same bird, there is a just cause to liquidate him. This humor offered many laughs in his local club. Tommy is always humble on his winnings. Clubmates can only get him to say: "I was just lucky, thats all". But the truth known to most novice and experienced fanciers alike is that Tommy de Vera is one of the top pigeonmen to beat in Philippine pigeonsport.



Breaking Point


I talked about tossing your birds at around 90 kms lately as many as you can before the races and during the races (Mid-week) by three's. What I would like to emphasize is toss them at your identified approximate "breakpoint" area. How to do it?

1) Buy a map of the Philippines, the big one.
2) Mark with red dots all the race points your club will be racing.
3) Mark your loft also in the map with a red dot.
4) Put a line from each race point (red dots) you marked to your

Note: you will observe that the lines you have drawn converge as they near your loft.

5) From your loft, measure approximately 90 kms to the center of the converging lines from your race points marked.
6) Look for a place there, nearest the highway or accessible road where you could easilly go for your "breakpoint" training tosses. It may not be the exact identified place but that's not important. In my loft at QC, my "breakpoint" is towards the left of Gapan for North races. In the south, I have 2 breakpoints, one for over the lake and another under the lake routes because the lake made the difference.

Note: From my experience it was applicable to different race distances but very effective in short to middle when it is not a smash race.

Why toss at @90 kms? It is a distance where most birds fly home without having to stop and rest, and that's the behaviour we want to train our birds. During the races most of the time they are in groups but a bird trained on a "breakpoint" usually are more motivated to fly faster and do not overfly their lofts upon recognizing areas near their "breakpoint" . Usually humihiwalay na sila sa grupo at sila na magdadala. Hindi na sila ang sasama sa loft ng iba at magsasayang ng oras.

This system is only applicable to fanciers who have the time to do it and can afford to do it. It is more fun to do it with some fanciers to economize and enjoy the trips.

Happy Racing !

Tommy De Vera






Remember first that it will not guarrantee a win for the bird but a less stressing flight home!! Win or lose, my priority is to see my "valued" racers back home.

Materials needed:
1. Get the same number/side of flight. Kung 6th flight sa right wing ganoon din ang ipalit..never sa left side kung right side papalitan. Kumuha ng flight na pamalit sa K na buhay pa, para matibay hindi brittle. Mas mahaba muna ang kunin kaysa sa papalitang flight.
2. Maghanda ng "stem implant" material at least 2 inches in length. Ito yung "flexible solid plastic" na ibabaon mo sa loob ng flight. para matibay.Iwasan yung may butas sa gitna dahil madaling mabale.
3. Maghanda ng "quick drying glue" (Mighty bond ok na)
4. Scissors.

STEP 1. Gupitin o bawasan ng dahan dahan ang broken flight hanggang umabot sa part na may "hollow" o butas sa gitna. Approx. 1 ½ inches mula sa base ng pakpak. Isukat ang "stem implant" at ihasa o bawasan ito hanggang ito ay maipasok, at least 1 inch sa loob ng broken flight.

STEP 2. Kunin ang "replacement flight" at tignan ang "hollow" part nito sa base at isukat ito sa broken flight kung tama ang haba ng nakuha. Cut it to the desired length needed but priority should be given to the lenght of hollow part kasi doon isusuksok and kabilang side ng "stem implant" natin. At least 1 inch din ang pwedeng pasukin ng plastic natin. Mas mahaba mas matibay..tama ba yun

STEP 3. Isubok isuksok ang "stem implant sa" replacement feather at ang kabila sa broken flight. Dapat magtagpo ang joints o dulo ng dalawa habang nasa loob ang "stem implant". Make final adjustments until desired flight is attained.

STEP 4. Apply glue to the "stem implant" and insert it to the replacement flight. Wipe out excess glue and let it dry.

STEP 5. Insert the other end of the "stem implant" of the replacement flight to the broken flight..first do not apply glue. When all is well with you, apply the glue on the "stem implant" and insert it to the broken flight. wipe out excess glue immediately and apply baby powder around the joined flights to avoid accidental sticking on flights.

I prefer doing this at night so that the bird and flight will settle well.
Do not follow the books that advises using pins or toothpick glued alongside the stem of flights or just applying glue on slantly cut doeasn't work as well as the one I prepared. The success of the splicing lies very much on the "stem
implant" and glue that you use. I was successful in using a cut up part of a coffee stirrer but you may have some better materials. Just bear in mind that it should be light, flexible and strong. Test it to destruction first.


Happy Racing !

    Tommy De Vera     




Factors that may help you to distinguish a bird in form/condition


Here are some factors that may help you distinguish a bird in form/condition for the race/s and factors I look for in nominating for the pool:


1. The beak/mouth is clean walang mga white spots at malagkit na fluid at walang foul odor.


2. Ang mga mata ay very clear at responsive ang pupil sa lights at movements.


3. Ang kaliskis ng mga paa ay malinaw at hindi nagbago mula sa unang race.


4. Kapag nagsindi ako ng ilaw sa gabi pumapagaspas agad ang pakpak o bumaba palipad-lipad ng mababa at nagpapakita ng sigla.


5. Ang mga pakpak/feathers ay nasa tamang moult at numumulbos kahit twice a week ang ligo. (Huwag naman namumulbos dahil walang


6. Mas maganda kung kakaiba ang sigla ng paglipad sa liggong sinasabi.


7. Ang dibdib ay walang mga balakubak(tuyong balat) at pinkish ang kulay.


8. Sa pag-pool ng K consider the bloodline or family record kung marami sa K mo condition for that week.


9. Ang dumi ng K ay buo at may puti sa paligid.


These factors can be supplemented by motivation techniques. Actually ang flyer ang gumagawa ng paraan para macondition sila prior to the races.











Sa south lalo superset at auction, dahil 7 races gusto ko lamang Hen kaysa cock, dahil sa dulo (Tacloban) na two-day race na, ang hen Alam natin na mas maagang gumising at mas late humapon kung condition Sa long races ng south gusto ko mas madami hen.same reason at dahil hindi ako nag-widowhood.




Sa one-loft-race ang guide ko lang ay pedigree ko kasi doon nakasulat mga performance ng K ko kasama breeders nila. In short alam mo kung anong line at anong distance bumanat na bloodline mo kaya kung anong distance ang one-loft-race finals yung ok doon ang gamit ko. Exception yung Percy Brown import ko pagdating breed agad at pinadala ko agad sa MDR dahil tiwala ako at isang old line ko, Salamat parehong nagclock bagamat 300+ na. Sa katawan gusto ko Medium. Experience ng bloodline sa distance ang basehan kung walang Pedigree.




Sa malapitan pag gusto kong mag-champ, cock gamit ko kasi madaling Ma-motivate. .Buwang sila sa bilis pag may pares lalo pag may maliit na inakay pero pag itlog palang usually unpredictable at walain pa. Sumali ako minsan FPA Rosario race, mostly cocks na motivated ginamit ko..200+ birds’ entry 1,2,3,4,5 & 6th ako 9 birds’ sali ko at top 14 lahat, actually sabay silang lahat dumating kaya lang phone gamit

kaya nabiyak report. 1,2,3 Overall sila 3 laps short. Ganoon din Technique ko ng sumali ako sa "Single-Toss Race Against d Clock" at matindi result kinainisan ako..LOL




Sa totoo lang parehas cock at hen nanalo sa akin sa San Franciso, Leyte . Pero mas lamang hen na nanalo sa akin sa long Distances kaya mas gusto ko hen at tulad din ng reason ko sa Number 1 question...given same bloodline and health condition.





Actually breeding pa lang dapat sinimulan na iyon kaya ang Breeders may health program bago ipares at ang inakay cull agad kung may ano mang symptom ng kahinaan. Sa race ang trato ko sa kanila ay Athlete kaya tuloy training tosses nila kahit malayo na races at kung kaya 3 times a day paikot ko. Binibigyan ko ng supplements

dahil extra-ordinary stress dinadaanan nila at anti Coccidiosis Preventive dose (Monday) kung nagpuputik ang paa ng iba. Individual Observation ang pagbibigay ko hindi flock treatment, yung mas nahirapan mas minamatyagan ko dahil kundi mawawala yun sa susunod dahil same-birds per week race natin sa pinas, ang pera sa overall

lalo superset. Sa ibang bansa ibang approach. Again ang answers ko sa iyo, ayon sa system at experience ko sa Bloodline ko sa iba maaaring hindi pareho kaya dapat recording ng progeny at color ng K na ok para guide mo sa loft mo.


Ang style ko nagpapainom agad kahit anong init, plain water or with Vitaminized glucose or lately Belgasol. Sa pagkakaalam ko hindi sa pagkalubog ng ilong ang dahilan ng sipon kundi "virus" na nakahawa sa K dahil sa haba ng exposure niya.


Tungkol sa peanuts, bagamat mainit sa katawan ito kailangan pa rin dahil mas mabilis maubos ang carbo niya sa katawan dahil mas stress ang K. Ang fats ang makakatulong sa kanya para d agad maubos ang laman niya, na siyang dahilan ng matagal na recovery.


Sa last lap ng South halos ganito din madalas ang temperature pero ng dumating ang mga San Francisco , Leyte birds ko na lahat ay Nahawakan ni Cham Tian Seng, ang sabi niya " parang hindi galing sa race" dahil hindi ubos ang mga dibdib nila.


 Let me share 2 important techniques to handle this kind of weather during races: 1) Induce them to bathe twice a week, mondays and may use plant spray first..then they will surely dip into your basin of water.That will help them recover immediately and induce their down feathers to drop. 2) Every wednesday start giving

additional safflower in their feeds until day of basketing. Peanuts is also given sparingly.


Style ko lang ito, but I believe it could help you.


    Happy Racing !

  Tommy De Vera


From: jonathan cabrillas <jocab71@yahoo. com>
Subject: [Sports&Hobbies] ilang days dapat ihiwalay ang YB
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Received: Saturday, 26 December, 2009, 12:04 AM


mga bros
in your opinion ilang days ba dapat ang inakay bago ihiwalay ng loft ?

Jojo Cabrillas


From: David Rey Chan<>



Kung magsesecond nest pa kayo, eto ang dapat gawin. Alisin ang hen kapag 14 to 15 days old na and mga pichon at pabayaan lang ang cock na magsubo. Lagyan ng maliit na pot na laging may kunting pagkain malapit sa nest bowl. Pagnakikita ng youngsters na tumutuka dito ang cock, susunod sila at matututong kumain. Sa ganoong paraan madaling puedeng i-wean ang younsters kahit 22 days lang. Ang kagandahan ng sistemang 'to, lahat ng p's nyo healthy. Rested ang hen and ready for 2nd round. Di sayang ang energy ng cock sa pagdrive ng hen for the next round. Concentrate lang siya sa pagsubo ng youngsters. Madaling puedeng ihiwalay ang pichon sa magulang. Mapapansin nyo kung sama sama sila, di ganoong sinusubuan and mga youngsters 15 days onwards dahil naghahabulan na naman ang pares para sa next round!  Good day!



From: Khervin Moises <khervinmoises@>
Subject: [Sports&Hobbies] ano magaling cock o hen
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Date: Saturday, 26 December, 2009, 11:44 PM 

mga bro

maraming nagsasabi sa akin na magaling ang hen sa cock kapag south race na pero cock daw magaling sa north. ganun ba talga yun! sino magaling sa inyo cock o hen? ano madalas sa inyo umuwi ng north at south race? cock o hen?



From: David Rey Chan<

Date: Sunday, 27 December, 2009, 02:52 PM 


Marami siguro ang nakakapansin na mas magaling na ang mga hen umpisang 3rd or 4th race ng serye samantalang ang gagaling ng mga cock sa umpisa. Ang tanong, sino ba ang mas malakas at dapat lamang sa laban. Cock di ba? Bat tinatalo sila ng mga chicks?...

Dahil madali mawala ang form ang mga cocks. Palaban at agresibo kasi sa pagdedepensa ng kanyang teritoryo kaya mas stressful at nagagamit ang reserve energy. Ang hen, di nila kailangan nun at magaangkin lang ng lugar niya sa loft kung minsan naging nest place niya ito.

Solusyon- Magkahiwalay dapat ang sex sa young bird race team. Sa umpisa sama sama ang mga young birds. Kapag alam mo na ang sex, paghiwalayin na. Ang cock na di nakatikim di gaanong agresibo, mas matagal mag loft flying (walang tukso). Kung nangyaring nagpair up Di naman mangingitlog. Sa ganung paraan, mas matagal ang form retention. Use V-perches instead of box for both sexes.


So amigos, walang diperensiya cock or hen. Tamang sistema lang.



From: mikel l <mikel_rn29@yahoo. com>
Subject: [Sports&Hobbies] Bulutong!!!
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Date: Monday, 28 December, 2009, 7:07 PM 

Mga Bro anu mahusay na gamot sa bulutong?



From: David Rey Chan<>  <!--[if !vml]-->



Pox- Walang gamot. Natural resistance and healing lang dahil viral infection yan. Prevention- Keep loft airy and dry. Avoid overcrowding. Keep birds and loft pest-free. Mabilis kumalat ang pox kung may biting insects tulad ng lamok. Pagkinagat ng lamok ang isang infected bird at lumipat sa ibang p, siguradong spread na yan. Kalat din ang pox thru contact like fighting, atching atbp. Ok lang may pox pero sa unang senyales ng panghihina, give immediately amoxicillin at 50mg/bird/day for 5 to 7 days para gamutin ang secondary infection na papatay sa ibon nyo.


V-perch- Individual lang ang accommodation. Kaya walang tendency to pair. Ang box, conducive to pairing kahit walang nest bowl.


Malathion- Takaw aksidente. Para sa halaman lang yan! Tama ang mga suggestions na gumamit ng mga pyrethrin based shampoo o dips tulad ng Washout. One dip is good for 4 to 6 months.


Egg transfer- Ang rule na sinusunod dyan + - 2 days lang. Sitting pairs start developing pigeon milk 13 to 14 days sitting on eggs. Kaya kahit papano magkakaroon ng pigeon milk to feed the new hatches 2 days early. Sitting pairs will leave the eggs 18 to 20 days after the first laid kung walang pipping eggs. Kaya kung 2 days late ang eggs na binigay, at the latest 19 days into sitting magpipip na ang mga ito. May advantage pa. Fully thickened na ang mga crop lining ng foster parents. Sagana sa pigeon milk!


Hope information serve the group well.



From : Mike Devera <

To :

Date: Thursday, 31 December, 2009, 11:25 PM 


 mga cer, may bumalik kasi sakin na ibon kanina lang.... nawala sa training last north race. ask ko lang kung anu dapat ibigay sa ibon para makarecover agad....tnx





From: tommydevera<>  <!--[if !vml]-->


Date: Thursday, 31 December, 2009, 11:25 PM 


Hi Mike,

Isolate mo muna yung bird, kung may Belgasol ka bigyan mo..kung wala vitaminized glucose na lang. Small grains muna ibigay with brown rice and safflowers. The following day papaliguin agad at bigyan ng B-Complex. Kapag medyo nag-develop na i-deworm mo siya then give miltivitamins the day after deworming.

Pwede siyang mag-ranging para makainom ng husto pero wag muna isabay sa grupo. Supra Pills or Ideal Pills could also help. Since tapos na race niya let the bird rest.Make sure to check the K for respiratory problem and external parasites too. Check the throat for canker.

Medyo late na itong response ko, if not, sana napatakan mo na agad ng eye-mo (mild) mga mata niya.




From: tommydevera <tommydevera@>
Subject: [Sports&Hobbies] Re: david chan--- Seminar
To: sportshobbies@ yahoogroups. com
Date: Monday, 4 January, 2010, 1:52 PM 

Hello Guys,

The suggestion of my good friend, David Chan, for a seminar for newbies in the sport was timely and well meaning. The BOD may prepare the topics to be discussed taken from the "training needs evaluation" from S&H members. Time will be alloted as per subject and speakers may be invited/recommended as per expertise or experience on the subject matter. The seminar may be broken into a series or a single day with open forum (for questions & answers) at the end of each subject or the seminar.

However,let me remind the group that usually speakers share their experience that made them win, which may or may not be applicable to your bloodline, loft construction, finances, time available, etc. Their system may oftentimes differ from other winning fanciers or against the systems you read from the books, but let them talk and take with you those applicable to you, so do not think that they are misleading you. You may always ask questions why, when, what and how is he doing it, but we should not argue with his system..sabi nga we can't argue with a winner's system, dahil panalo ka sa argument pero sa laban tatalunin ka niyang lagi! Just improve on it para next ikaw naman speaker..LOL

All d best,



From: David Rey Chan<>  <!--[if !vml]-->


Date: Monday, 04 January, 2009, 05:27 PM 


Good Friend TDV,


Thanks for the acknowledgement. I can still remember the time na ininvite mo ako to be the resource person ng seminar nung bagong tatag pa lang ang club mo. Is it FPA or Sportsmen? Tuwang-tuwa ang mga newbies and we had so much fun. To date, gamit ko pa rin ang cheap mix na tinuro ko sa kanila.


In another seminar, 2 years back lang. Hindi pa rin maniwala ang iba dyan na yan lang ang gamit ko na feed mix. Sa seminar I thought them how to select pigeons, alternative to expensive supplements and medicines. Napikon ata yung kasabay kong resource person na vet, who sells pigeon products. In the end, saludo ang vet sa akin dahil di bola and I back my statements with facts and proofs. I impart upon them that they should start with the best possible base and how to get them given the financial limitation. More importantly alam na nila na K sport should be fun! Ang bayad sa akin 2 buko pie. hahaha


Hope you're doing well in Vancouver. Me and my family was in Vancouver for over a week last May. Kung alam ko lang andyan ka na I would have contacted you. I saw Paul Ung and some local guys.


Best regards




From: David Rey Chan<>  <!--[if !vml]-->


Date: Tuesday, 5 January, 2010, 6:20 AM




Para sa kaalaman ng lahat,


Di ko nais paghatiin ang grupo dahil sa mga commento ko. Di ko rin gustong sumali sa mga egroups dahil maraming balat sibuyas at di ko mapigil ang sarili na magcommento sa mga nasasabing lihis sa katotohanan at may tinatagong layunin. Kaya nga sa PHA mismo, maraming inis sa akin. Truth hurts ikanga.


Masuwerte ang mga newbies ngayon dahil na rin sa PHA. Noong decada '70 ang mga dagit, native, mestizo. Kung nagkataon racer, ang sasama ng itsura.. Ngayon, ang mga nadadagit karamihan racers at kadalasan pasado ang quality. Breed mo man ang mga dagit may pag-asang magproduce ng magaling. Eto ay dahil sa mga k na inirelease ng players ng PHA, past and present.


Sa nagsabing parehas ang langit na tinatawiran ng k ng PHA at sila, K ang pinaguusapan at di langit. Sa nagtanong ng agila ba ang k ng PHA, bumalik ka sa paaralan na pinanggaligan mo nang mapalo ka ng mga titser mo. Hahaha.


Sa chess tournament, tinalo ni sir DJ si GM Antonio, Ang tanong, nang matapos ang tournament, ano ang puesto ni GM Antonio at ano naman ang puwesto ni DJ. Manalo kaya si DJ sa best of 6 with 3 blitz kung sakaling tie? Ako, chess player din, Ateneo 4th Board NCAA 76. Sa eliminations, practice at tune-up games tinalo ko rin si Coach Sammy Estimo, ang Board 1 player namin si IM Antonio Elinon, Pepsi chess champion at representante ng bansa sa World Juniors. Madalas ko bang nagawang manalo sa mga ito? Hindi. Kaya nga 4th Board lang. Alam ko ang calibre ni GM Antonio, kumpara sa kanya, third-rate player lang ako. Tulad sa chess, sinuman, kayang talunin ang players ng PHA. Ulit-ulitin, madalas? Forget mo na. Claro na ba kayo dyan?


Sa nakalipas na sampung taon, ang tinidi ng competition sa PHA. Sa hangad na mangibabaw ang isang player sa club, ang daming mga topclass imports ang mga pinarating. Maniwala ba kayo na may 45,000 euro (mahigit 3M) na k sa pinas? Sa totoo lang, ang premyo na mapapalunan sa PHA malayo ang proportion sa halaga ng mga k na pinarating. At bakit? Kasi, among the elite class sa club namin di na pera o premyo ang hangad. Passion at obsession na ang k. Toys for the Big Boys. Gustong manalo, di dahil sa pera kundi para may bragging rights. 


Sa nagbanggit tungkol sa "Excelle" ko... "Excelle" ay isa sa mga good racer/breeder ko halos 15 taon na nakalipas. Maraming ang nagtagumpay sa mga nakakuha ng line na yan. Kung itatapat mo yang line sa mga k ngayon ng PHA, third-rate din, paso na. Bakit? sa loft ko mismo, mababa na ang ranking ng line na yan.


Sa nagsabing marami tayong mga bros abroad na puwedeng magpadala ng imports... Import-import lang yan. Yang cost lang ng sending (transpo, blood test for bird-flue, handling at crates) mapapaluha ka na at mga k na mapapadala di uubra, dahil world class or near world class k, nandito na. Por ehemplo, may nag-iinquire na Taiwanese at gusto bumuli ng k ni P & P Philippens at nakisuyo sa akin dahil extensive ang contact ko. Etong umaga lang, nagulat ako nang nakatanggap ako ng email. Meron na  palang fancier dito sa Pinas ang nagnenegotiate para bumili ng isang round na youngsters sa mga breeders ni Philipens! Sa mga PHA na walang access, puede na yang auction ni Jos Thone. Ayan, 100+k ang average winning bids.


Tulad ko, ang tatay ng 3rd OA sa nakarang North races ng PHA, kapatid mismo ni Leo, world champion long distance '05 ni Diepeven. Sinuri ko muna ang backgound nito bago kong binili. Nalaman ko na ang origin nito ay Frans van Wel at outstanding ang performance ang mga k niya sa iba-ibang loft na nakakuha ng k niya. Ngayon na proven na ang line ni Frans van Wel, naghanap uli ako ng line niya na puede kong ipares sa winning hen ko. Ang resulta, isang '08 cock ni Roodbeen; anak mismo ng foundation cock niya, "Blue Frans" at ng topbreeding hen na si "Sister Boxbeer". Parating pa lang siya, in time for '10 breeding. Para sa kaalaman ng lahat, karamihan ng mga k ko, ako mismo ang nag hand select. Kung di naman ay pinapaselect at approve ko sa mga trusted friends ko sa Belgium. Kung ok ang peds at di naman ok ang k, reject. Sigurado ko meron mga miyembro ng PHA ang gumagamit ng scout upang makabili ng k na napupusuhan nila. No expense is spared to get the best k.


Ayan, nailahad ko ang katayuan ng k sport sa Pinas. Hinto na ako sa pagpopost ng comments. Baka may masaktan pa ako. Sana naimulat ko ang mata ng mga kalapatids sa katotohanan.



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Subject: Re: [Sports&Hobbies] Re: sir David Chan...patulong lang po

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Date: Wednesday, 6 January, 2010, 2:01 AM


sir davidC


ask ko lang nu ibig sabihin po ng sinabi nyo na "import-import lang yan"? ibig nyo po ba sabihin low quality yung mga ibon na pinapadala ng mga ibang bros from abroad? so kung alaga nila yung pinapadala nila or linyada ng alaga nila eh ibig sabihin la kwenta ang mga ibon nung partikular na fancier na yun from abroad, ganun po ba?


if that is the case, bakit po may mga bros abroad na nananalo sa mga malalaking races abroad tulad nila bro arbet quejado, jan so, bro toto, bobbyE, bro dj at iba pa? nagpapadala pa naman sila ng mga ibon nila pero "import-import lang pala."


nagdadalawang isip tuloy ako kumuha sa kanila. hehehe! joke!





+639298288179- SMART Roaming

+6581865872 - Starhub (SG line)



From: David Rey Chan<>  <!--[if !vml]-->


Date: Wedday, 06 January, 2009, 05:13 AM 



Nagrereact lang sa "bro abroad, puedeng magimport". To qualify, maraming imports dyan ang nagpalpak dahil 1. Dishonest ang fancier na mapanggagalingan. 2. Di bagay sa race the Pinas. 3.Dahil di tama ang presyo, lower quality ang made available. (Sample, 300euro lang ang offer ni Roger Schauwers sa breeders kasama na doon, isang anak ng Golden Wing. Pinachek ko sa friend ko, di pumasa. Select uli friend ko ng gusto niya. Tugon ni Schauwers, "You have to pay a different price" Di ko na sasabihin ang presyo. Baka mayabangan ka sa akin. Joke lang. Anyway, wala akong nabili sa kanya.


If you are a serious fancier, piliin mong mabuti ang magiging breeders mo, Alamin at suriin ang background ng napupusuhan mo. If u like the pedigree, check the bird. Kung di mo type, forget it. Kahit local, kahit import. That will have to make do for a start. Kahit importante ang origin, huwag nang ambisiyonin dahil mahal ang pinag-aagawan, Imports will not guarantee a successful breeding. Lalo na kung anu-ano lang. Kaya "import-import" lang.



From: Civram Ramirez <civramramirez@>

Subject: Request For Sir David Chan.

To: PiFers@yahoogroups. com

Received: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 5:37 AM


Good Day, sir David I am a newbie in this sport and I want to take this opportunity to ask how does a David Chan conditions his team before entering a race. it will be a big help for me if you can share some of your techniques and experiences in this sport. I have some questions and hopefully you can give me advices.


1.) What are your preparations before the race?

2.) Do you use vitamins?

    a.) What vitamins do you give?

3.) Do you use antibiotics for your birds?

4.) What is the best way to recover the birds after a race?

5.) Do you use same methods to your North and South Team?


Pasensya na sir David Dami ko questions hehe .

Okay lang po kung confidential yung iba hehe.


Marvic Ramirez


Philippine Flyers Union.



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Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 8:10 AM



Hi Marvic,


In reply to your questions.


1. I join club trainings and I give a short toss (30-40km) the day before basketing. When the birds return, they are locked up.

2. I don't give vitamins. My birds are given Improver and Antifungal all year round.

3. Other than Metronidazole for canker which I give individually and only when necessary, I don't have need for antibiotics.

4. When they return, lock them up. When it's a hard race, they remain in the loft Monday morning. In the afternoon, they are let out to do as they please. Back to routine, Tuesday.

5. I do same for North and South.


I keep no secrets. Happy flying!



From: Civram Ramirez <civramramirez@>

Subject: [Sports&Hobbies] Follow up question Sir David chan

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Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 3:42 PM


When is the right time to use paramyxo vaccine? does it have side effects specially on breeders fertility?




Marvic Ramirez




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Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 12:53 PM


Vaccines when used correctly will not affect fertility. If a bird is infected already, never use vaccine. Instead, at the sign of weakening, treat for secondary infections.


I administer vaccine 1 or 2 days before I transfer a youngter to the racing loft. This will ensure all youngsters are vaccinated and prevent trauma occurring in the racing loft. Ks have memory too!  



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Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 7:23 PM


Sir david, anung klaseng vaccine po ang pwede gamitin? at paano po i administer?Thanks



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Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 1:39 AM


Any avian pmv vaccine will do. Just follow the instructions. Do not use La Sota or B1 B1, they are for poultry. If you do that, your pigeons will have some partial immunity but the pmv might mutate into a more dangerous virus and go out of control.


Also be careful where you buy the vaccine. Go to a trusted supplier. Pmv vaccine requires proper storage, I think, 8C and below but not freezing. If you get a vaccine that is not handled properly, it will become useless. I use Hipraviar.



From: Atoy Ireneo <toy091501@yahoo. com>

Subject: about sa gamot

To: davidreychan@ ph

Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 6:06 PM


Sir David,


Good day po, sir may tanong lang sana me, since madami napo kayo experience sa pag iibon, ask ko lang po sana kung anu po ba ung pinaka magandang gamot para mawala ung sipon sa bunganga, ung parang malagkit na laway, napapansin ko po kasi kahit anung gamot ko bumabalik pa din sya, kaya mabilis hingalin tuloy, un lang po ung akin question, looking forward for youre response po. maraming salamat sir..


Atoy Ireneo

Olongapo City




From: David Rey Chan <davidreychan@ ph>

Subject: Re: about sa gamot

To: "Atoy Ireneo" <toy091501@yahoo. com>

Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 6:42 PM


Hi Atoy,


Sa description mo, ornithosis ang sakit nyan. Give doxycycline at the rate of 15mg/day continuously for 7 days. (1 100mg capsule breakdown to 7 doses) At the same time, treat for canker. Metronidazole at the rate of 30mg/day for 5- 7days (1 250mg tablet broken to eight pieces). If after 1 week, there remains a trace of the disease, continue only doxycycline for another 3 days. Remove all calcium materials like grits, pickstone and the likes. Calcium will render (Doxy)cyclines useless.



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pasingit lang hope this will help you man simple and natural and most of all cheap!!!



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Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 4:10 PM


Very good Jake, I did not know you were a follower of AS. He is one tough nut to beat in the middle distance. I do agree 100% on his advocacy regarding garlic and apple vinegar.

I myself give garlic to prevent canker. I do this the day after the race.


Instead of giving them in water or buy expensive garlic preparation. .. I use a garlic press (available in department stores) to "grate" about 5cc of garlic. I mix the fine garlic with 5cc oil or fruit juice to make 10cc. The mixture is then mix to 1 kg of feeds to feed the racers.. When the racers have had enough food. The remaining feeds is given to the rest.


As for vinegar, I use it for baths. Although its true that A-coli is susceptible to vinegar or anything acidic, vinegar cannot prevent a host of other pathogens.


As for using antibiotics for treatment, I treat birds individually and only when necessary like in the case of Atoy Ireneo. Outside of that, I don't use antibiotics at all.  




From: carlo soyangco <carlo82980@yahoo. com>

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sir david


pa share naman po ng basic vitamins na pinapainum nyo sa mga ibon nyo during race day for north derby(baloan to appari) and for south derby(naga to tacloban) kng magkaiba po.


thankyou po in advance



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Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 4:19 PM


Hi Carlo,


This is from the past... On return from the race or training, I put vitalyte in drinking water. That means twice weekly. The day before basketing, half tablet of  generic B-complex, the cheapest kind. The same is true North and South.



From: Jake Rubio <lordschisto@>

Subject: Re: [Sports&Hobbies] Follow up question Sir David chan

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Date: Friday, 8 January, 2010, 7:23 PM


 Sir david, anung klaseng vaccine po ang pwede gamitin? at paano po i administer?Thanks



From: David Rey Chan <davidreychan@ ph>

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Subject: Re: [Sports&Hobbies] Follow up question Sir David chan



Any avian pmv vaccine will do. Just follow the instructions. Do not use La Sota or B1 B1, they are for poultry. If you do that, your pigeons will have some partial immunity but the pmv might mutate into a more dangerous virus and go out of control.


Also be careful where you buy the vaccine. Go to a trusted supplier. Pmv vaccine requires proper storage, I think, 8C and below but not freezing. If you get a vaccine that is not handled properly, it will become useless. I use Hipraviar.



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Sir..pwede nyo po ba i share yung feeding program nyo sa mga K's,regular, before & during the race pati na din po yung mga additives sa feeds at drinks ng ibon,marami po kasi ako naririnig kagaya ng apple vinegar,brewers yeast,cod liver oil,etc.pero di ko po alam kung paano ang application. Maraming salamat po Sir,kung sakali po ay makakatulong po ito ng malaki sa aming mga baguhan.God bless you po!


Ross of Bulacan


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Subject: Re: [Sports&Hobbies] Follow up question Sir David chan


Hi Ross,


Matatawa ka, di ko pinapamper ang mga k ko. From egg to kingdom come eto ang mixture ko 7kg maize, 7kg green peas (o any peas na mas mura), 3kg trigo, 3kg sorghum + 1 kg safflower o sunflower depende kung alin ang mura dyan. During breeding, Maize is reduced by 1 kg while peas is increased by 1 kg. For racing, maize is increased 1 kg and peas is reduced by 1 kg.


Racers are fed mornings and evenings, eat all you can. Food is slowly rationed, when all is nearly finished, food is added again and again. This is to prevent them from choosing the grain to eat. When most of them have drunk and returned to their perches, feeding is stopped. A bit of food is left for the always hungry ones.

On Mondays, "grated garlic juice" is added to feeds. Outside of daily use of Improver and Antifungal, I don't have anything else.



From: David Rey Chan <davidreychan@ ph>

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Advice lang, Kindly take note or print my posts for reference. I hope di maulit ang same questions.


Carlo Dimayuga- You are playing a dangerous game kung young birds ang linalaro mo. Young cocks on nests are hyper excited. They will be edgy throughout their absence from the nest. The strength caused by adrenalin pumping will not last and weakness sets in. Dahil dito, maraming nawawalang racer cocks. Young hens are more relaxed, ang problema, they will not exercise and eat properly. This can be remedied by putting a small pot of food malapit sa nest bowl nila and tossing the hens often.


Atoy Ireneo- About your cock dropping his 8th flight again... I have no experience and I don't think cod liver oil helps. I know however, when you pull out a flight and it fails to grow a normal flight back, the same bad flight feather will replace it year after year. The advice- never pull out a flight feather even when damaged. Let it drop naturally in the molting process.


Chris P/ Warren Tan- Ks will take care of their young naturally. No force feeding (hand feeding is the correct term) or pumpers are necessary. Soon as cocks take interest to start the next round of young (around 14 days from hatching), remove the hen. This prevents the cock from chasing the hen and cocks can have full time eating and feeding the youngsters.

Whereas if the pair stays together, the pair will missed out feeding the young because the hens cannot eat properly with the cocks always chasing after them. The cock will not eat and feed the young properly. Too busy chasing the hen! Do not be afraid only the cock is doing the feeding chores. Give feeds more often and put a small pot of food near the youngster. The youngsters will learn to eat early.


Nino Reyes- Improver and Antifungal are products of Pigeonvitality, Norway. I am the sceptical type when it comes to products offered in the market. I only knew of the product on a chance encounter abroad. I brought the products here and had them tested with friends. With surprising results and after cost analysis, I decided to distribute the products

here. For more info, visit www.pigeonvitality. com The website offers not only the products but also articles of interests on pigeon racing. Many fanciers are already using the products but they will not tell you. They are simply products which give "unfair" advantage to their users. Improver is availabe at Newtree in Caloocan City.


Ross- Your k is obviously looking for a nesting place. Block all entries to your kisame. Use chicken wire or net.



From: David Rey Chan <davidreychan@ ph>

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Sent: Sat, January 20, 2010 1:42:00 AM


Darryl Ople- Sorry sa late reply. Ang best antibiotic for upper respiratory infection kasama na dyan ang halak, eye cold at sipon ay Doxycycline. Bilhin mo na lang generic, piso hanggang 1.50 lang ang 100mg capsule. Dosage is 15mg/day. 5 to 7 days. Ibig sabihin, yang 100mg na capsule hatiin mo to make 7 dose. Sa kaso ng halak, puede mong habaan ang treatment hanggang 12 days. Sa pangatlong araw kapag wala kang nakitang improvement, mix infection na yan. Ang madalas na kasama, canker. Kaya isabay mo na ng metronidazole (5days lang). Correct dosage is 40mg/day. Isang 500mg tab to make 12. Dahil mahirap hatiin sa 12. Ok lang kung mapasobra ng kaunti.


Arnold Ortiz- sadyang mahirap i-explain ang hand selection. Di kasi ako biologist kaya puede akong magkamali sa description ng body parts ng k. Mas madali sanang ipaliwanag kung actual demonstration kaysa sinulat lang. I will try... Importante, impressed ka muna sa ayos at porma ng k. Alamin din ang mga katangian ng pamilya ng k at doon na lang ibase ang hand selection. Eto ang aking gusto. 1. silky at abundance of feathering 2. when rested on your palms, horizontal pa rin siya at di parang babagsak sa harapan (balance) 3. Muscles must be firm, pero di matigas. Hinding hindi puede ang malambot. 4. Kailangan ma feel mo may power ang muscles. 5.May proportion. Tama lang ang iba't ibang bahagi ng k sa dating niya. Sample, Ayaw mo siguro ang k na long neck, tapos short tail at vice versa. Maliit, tapos ang haba ng wingspan and vice versa.

5. From keel, maganda ang transition to the vents. Pangit siguro naman kung long keel, tapos short gap to the vents and vice versa. 6. Vents should be close together, lalo na kung barako. 7. Sa lower back at end ng keel, bigyan ng kunting pressure, di dapat itaas ng k ang buntot niya. 8. Wings, proportionately short forearm. thick wing muscle, suwabe at madulas kapag dinaan mo ang hinlalaki at hintuturo mula sa forearm hanggang dulo ng wing bones. 9. The joints of the wing kailangan matibay at pliant. 10. May step ang primary flights. 11. Unang primary kailangan sinhaba o mas mahaba kaysa last secondary. 12. Maganda ang gaps between the primary feathers. 13. Kung inispread ang wing dapat may kahit kaunting vent between primaries. 14. Secondary wing kailangan proportion sa primary. Ang preference ko, mas makitid ng kaunti ang secondary. Tulad ng pagsasagwan sa bangka, kapag mas malapit ang braso sa katawan mas malakas ang stroke at di masyadong nakakapagod. 15. Flight feathers- should have prominent stem, medyo pointed sa tip (not rounded) and not too wide. The last 4 flights parang daliri. Hold up your hand normally. Yan dapat ang appearance ng last 4. 16. Eyes should be lively, showing good health (Di ako naniniwala sa eye sign) 17. Kung relaxed na ang k sa kamay mo, dapat mabagal ang paghinga. Palagay ko, matapos mong basahin ito, lalo kang nalito. Hahaha....  Always look for birds with many as possible sa mga characteristics na dinescribe ko. It will help boost your breeding stock.







Paspas may SAKBIT!


iman valdez
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